Welcome to the blog!  I’m starting this blog because I have the crazy, self-indulgent idea that I am a good cook.  The special people in my life have given me this hare-brained idea.  Mostly, I’m just following other’s wisdom.  But I do make stuff up completely from some corner of my brain, and it sometimes turns out good.  What makes this site somewhat unique (because many, many others have gone before me) is that all the food I make is 100% gluten-free.  Mostly you will see me borrowing from 3-12 different recipes to create something that appeals to my palette.  I hope to bring you all the best combinations I’ve spent years researching and cooking.  Bear with me while the site undergoes facelifts, augmentations, enhancements, and botox.  Please leave your comments regarding the appearance of the blog, suggestions, things you’d like to see, tools you love to use in the kitchen, suggestions for recipe improvements, etc.  Please direct all email regarding the blog to: whatanniecooked@gmail.com .  Thanks, I hope we enjoy a meal together.


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