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So, like a lot of people, I am frugal.  Trips to the spa for me are kinda like “Why would I spend $80 on that when what I really want is new skis/new computer/new bike parts for Husband/new bike for Offspring/those awesome Marc Jacobs Wedges*” etc..  It’s well documented that I have trouble spending money on myself unless the object of my desire is a.) gear b.) electronic gadgets c.) shoes or bags.

*full disclosure – the most I ever spent on a pair of shoes was $129 on Newbury St. in 1996 and I wore the hell out of them, but now my large footwear purchases are limited to $400 ski boots and stuff like that. 

So on Mother’s Day, I brought the spa to me.  And I gotta say – I really enjoyed it.

Before you do anything else, spend some time reading about coconut oil.  It’s really fascinating.  I have my mother to thank for this knowledge.  You can start at the Coconut Research Center, and branch out if you feel like it.  My mother orders mine for me because she knows I’m frugal enough that I won’t buy it for myself.  So if you want a source, leave a comment and I’ll find out where she gets hers.  Here are the highlights – it contains super-duper fatty acids that apparently can do all kinds of things from fighting viral and bacterial infections (like the most common cause of PUD – H. Pylori!) to curing cradle cap on babies (that’s my own personal research there, no idea if that’s on the website) to promoting healthy cholesterol levels, enzymatic and absorption help, the list is way long.  If you aren’t ready to start cooking with coconut oil (and using it on your body) after you’re through reading, I don’t know what else to say.

So I have really dry skin.  Like REALLY dry.  Like beyond help.  The winter months are tough.  Sometimes my skin is so dry it literally hurts.  I know you’re probably thinking “Drink more water!” “Moisturize!” I do those things.  They don’t work.  The worst part is that I have that kind of skin that truly needs to be exfoliated often (probably on account of it being so dry), which leaves it even drier.  It’s a no win situation.  So with the warmer months approaching, my pasty white skin made whiter by it’s dryness needed major help before it was sundress ready.

Everyone has that friend who is a total skin/hair/beauty/make up wiki, right?  Well, my friend’s name is Heather, and she is awesome.  I’ve never been especially girly (the Tesler twins finally convinced me to tame my bushy brows AFTER Freshman year in college.  Ugh.  Girls, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU), so I rely on others to help me out.  She suggested I make a body scrub of sugar and oil.  Brilliant!!

What Annie Made:

Rosemary-Coconut Body Scrub

It’s really easy.  Spoon some coconut oil into a ramekin.  Warm it in a warm water bath on your stove top (don’t use the microwave because microwaves kill all the good stuff in food) til it is in it’s liquid form, but don’t get it hot.  You don’t want the sugar to dissolve when you add it.

Next, spoon some sugar in.  I probably used 4 big spoonfulls.  Then I added some chopped fresh rosemary for the hell of it.  Add whatever you want.  Essential oils would be an awesome addition.

Last step – scrub your body in the bathtub or shower.  It kinda greases up your tub, but it also gives the tub surface a nice teflon quality to it 🙂

I stored the leftovers in the fridge.

The Verdict:

AMAZING.  It did everything I wanted it to do for my skin.  I was kind of a grease ball for the first hour or so, so make sure you change into your pyjamas afterwards to save your clothes from grease stains.  But within an hour or two, all the oil had been absorbed into my skin and left it amazingly soft and smooth.  I used it on my face, too.  It’s been 4 days since I did it, and I think it’s time to go for it again.  I’m thinking this will be a twice weekly beauty event for me.  Seeing as how today is also my birthday, I will treat myself to the left-overs 🙂

So Cheers! to my mother, and Cheers! to Heather for this awesome home-cooked beauty treatment.  All of this has me researching how to make homemade lotions as well.  More on that as my experiments progress….

Now it’s off to my living room floor to do the hour-long Pilates class I discovered on the Fitness On-Demand channel…Image


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