What’s Your Favorite Cake?

I haven’t cooked anything interesting since I last posted.  Sorry.  Been sort of boring around here.  Boring in a tasty, homecooked, awesome way.  Hamburgers, stir fry, and yummy, yummy, homemade ribs.  None of which are terribly different from what you probably make in your kitchens.

But!  I have a task for you.  Inspire me!  Leave a comment with a recipe for your favorite cake.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a Glutinous recipe.  I am fearless (though not always successful!) when it comes to transposing recipes into Gluten Free Speak.  Growing up, birthdays always meant Angel Food Cake.  I never understood why these cakes were the joke of the cake world.  It seems most people’s experience with them is reminiscent of eating cardboard for dessert.  Not in my house.  The women of my family – my Grandmother and my Mother – are awesome at this.  I am obligated to tell you that my Grandmother whipped those egg whites stiff by hand.*  I could likely make an Angel Food cake Grandma style each day (and not eat it) and have better arms than I have with all of this “working out” nonsense.  But tomorrow – I want something different.  I’ll take pictures of what I make and post a regular post with your recipe and my modifications.

Bonus points for posting a recipe with mass instead of volume.  The Gluten Free Girl convinced me I needed to have a kitchen scale for baking.  I bought one.  But I’ve yet to use it…..

Attached is a picture of our little family – husband, offspring and me on husband’s birthday.  Recipe for those cupcakes will be in an upcoming post because they are the best GF cupcakes ever.  I mean it.

*I do not do this.  Grandma eventually got with the times and began using electronic aids as well.  But for giggles – the next time you need to beat egg whites, start off doing it by hand just so you can appreciate the kind of arm strength/stamina one needs for this task.  


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